The Sublime Union unites all people who are creating a Sublime World that is in harmony with nature and nourishes Inner Growth.

We are people from all walks of life who work together on a local and global level to bring about a positive change through projects aiming at a healthy and regenerative lifestyle.

In India, where we started, we engage in holistic education, developing Eco-villages, organic farming, seed conservation, animal protection, recycling, replacing plastic with natural products, river bed cleaning, tree planting and rooftop gardening.

Our world is in great need of a change of lifestyle. Our modern society is bound to collapse due to climate heating, species extinction, pollution and depleting natural resources. The Sublime Union promotes and develops Sublime Life Systems such as Eco-villages and green cities which are self-sustainable and designed for developing a loving relationship with our fellow human beings, with nature and our sublime self.

The global eco crisis roots in the greatest of all crises: the ego crisis – the human identity crisis. By addressing and healing this root crisis, the Sublime Union is solving our problems at their root.

The Sublime Vision is the paradigm that we require a Sublime World that nourishes Inner Growth because we are sublime beings beyond the biological body. Inner Growth shifts the focus from the limited (and often destructive) Gross Growth to the unlimited Inner Growth of values like good character, community collaboration, benevolence, compassion and transcendence.

The Sublime Vision is the much needed umbrella paradigm under which different sublime people can unite and become a powerful force to turn the tide of our present destructive life system. It is supported with evidence from various fields of science.

The Sublime Union serves as a global union that promotes Sublime Life Systems in harmony with different local climates, people and cultures. All are welcome to join our efforts. For any queries please write to