Global collaboration to create a Sublime World that is in balance with nature and nourishes Inner Growth of sublime values like compassion, empathy, community spirit, pure character and transcendence.



To unite all sublime people to develop and promote Sublime Life Systems that ensure regenerative lifestyles and nourish Inner Growth.



1. To offer a platform on which all people can unite and collaborate to realize the transition to a regenerative Sublime World.

2. To develop Sublime Life Systems that foster Inner Growth and implement a timely transition to sustainability before the consequences of environmental pollution, climate breakdown, species extinction and peak oil lead to systemic collapses.

3. To develop models of locally integrated Sublime Life Systems to be replicated in rural and urban areas such as eco-villages, organic farm communities and green cities.

4.  To promote Inner Growth through education, conferences and all kinds of communication systems and media.

5. To research human identity and to propagate the Sublime Vision – the paradigm that the self is a sublime being beyond the biological body and thus requires Inner Growth. To promote the Sublime Vision as an umbrella paradigm under which all sublime people of different cultures and faiths can unite and collaborate.