Sublime Economy – Sublimism

Many experts agree that capitalism is destroying our planet but they don’t know with what it should be replaced. The Sublime Vision proposes sublimism as the new economical paradigm. Sublimism makes sure that economics is again given its natural position, which is subordinate to nature, science and administration. This is in stark contrast to capitalism that strives to impose capitalist economy as the dominant leader over every other system of society including education.

Present day oligarchic systems that are being passed off as democracies are only able to drain out every resource of humanity and nature for the 1% elite because of the sheepish surrender of the other 99% citizens to mental and physical slavery. The systematic brainwashing through corrupt media and education was so far able to suppress their natural freedom. With the rise of climate collapse and the existential need to rise up against the greatest eco sinners – the 1% elite oligarchs – this system of slavery is now at stake and needs to be replaced with a system of genuine freedom.

The lie of the so called “free market” is long exposed and needs to be replaced by  a “free nature economy” – sublimism. According to capitalism, someone with a lot of money is, for example, “free” to buy all the rainforest and destroy it for profit without having to pay for the global damage he or she is thus doing to the planet. But freedom at the cost of others’ freedom is not freedom – it’s piracy. To safeguard the basic freedom to life of all sentient beings, Mother Nature as the foundation of all life must be given prime importance and right to freedom. 

Sublimism makes sure that locally sourced, grown and manufactured products are enjoying incentives and subsidies and non-local, imported products are discouraged with eco taxes. This boosts the local markets and culture and cuts down on transportation emission. Locally diverse seed banks are promoted in order to assure that plants are locally adapted to environmental conditions over many generations and thus increase their resilience and diversity.

GDP is no more seen as the standard measurement of a successful society. Research has long shown that increased GDP does not mean increased happiness. Rather the opposite can be said. When warfare, disease, weather disasters and unemployment increase, the GDP usually increases. The richest people are amongst the most depressed and unhappy people.

The fetish of growth is similarly on trial because people realize that it is utopian and suicidal to be dependent on infinite growth in a finite world. Being pressed by impeding climate collapse, we are forced to admit that we must transition to a post-growth economy. Sublimism turns the tide of growth by diverting it to its healthy application – Inner Growth. Since Inner Growth provides lasting happiness, it is able to reduce external growth by massively reducing demands for unnessessary things like luxury holidays and more cloths and living space than needed.

Carbon taxes are an absolute necessity to curb carbon emissions and promote Earth-friendly businesses by supressing Earth-destructive products and enterprises. From the income of carbon taxes, carbon sequestration and emmission mitigation can be funded. Carbon taxes must be applied in ratio to carbon intensity across the board including military, data, finance and real estate. For example military, being the largest single carbon culprit in the USA, would naturally receive a smaller budget due to having to pay a lot of carbon taxes.

Equity is promoted by making communities locally self-sufficient so they don’t have to depend so much on the market any more, and by limiting the amount of money the higher earning positions can earn. Again, freedom is defined by the freedom of Mother Nature and all her children, not by the freedom of the elite.