Society, Art & Culture

Sublime Society means a society that caters to a Sublime World nourishing Inner Growth and the Ecolibrium. Building and celebrating sublime values instead of gross ones is reflected into all stratus of society like art and culture.

Society should be built according to the fearless principle of eco-friendly unity in diversity instead of capitalistic competition. This means that as much as possible, the regulations and values are decentralized and distributed to smaller communities that strive to become as locally self-sufficient and uniquely diverse as possible.

This will create a much greater pool of diversity across the country, which in turn greatly increases the country’s resilience and cultural richness.

Small local gatherings of citizens of all folds with real handshakes and discussions with real local citizens allow people to get to know each other better, feel integrated into society, improve personal relationships and exchanges and counteract the viles of impersonalism and loneliness resulting from a centralized organization of society through unknown bodies and people.

Localization of everything possible is also one of the most important steps to curb greenhouse gas emmissions by cutting down on transportation and far-away processing and manufacturing units.

Public events in which the local art and culture is woven into the unique local eco-system and its celebration and protection allow natural integration of eco-friendliness into our heartbeats and bloodstreams.

Local variety of country-wide forms of art, culture, sport and spirituality should be encouraged rather than stigmatized. They help to strengthen local unity in diversity and make the flavour of the local culture reach other corners of the country and globe through cultural inspiration.