Philosophy & Ethics

Sublime philosophy caters to creating the fundamental ethical blueprint for the emerging Sublime World. It nourishes locally diverse and integral ways of communicating and deepening the wisdom of the Sublime Vision, particularly its philosophical aspects of the Sublime Vision self concept.

We have shown in the Sublime Vision petition how important it is to lay a new philosophical foundation that allows us to identify with sublime values beyond the constraints of the temporary biological body. Sublime philosophy encourages further research into these very crucial fields of knowledge from various different points of angles of science and spirituality.

Philosophy is in itself an important part of Inner Growth. Many students have little taste in philosophy nowadays because it is presented in rather dry ways that don’t allow an outlook of implementation in life with a significant impact. Sublime philosophy, however, is presented in very compelling ways because it hits at the very core of both our vital human problems and longings. Its propagation allows effecting deep impact in society by creating the essential  conceptual blueprint of the emerging Sublime World. Thus more students than before will be enthused by philosophizing.

Sublime philosophy also builds the important bridge between science and spirituality. It is important that we find ways to harmonize and unite the two in collaboration instead of competition.