Sublime Education

Sublime Education caters to preparing children and adults to build up and further develop a Sublime World evolving around Inner Growth and respecting the Ecolibrium. It focusses on quality more than on quantity. From the earliest ages, children are also trained in sublime values like good character, teamwork, community collaboration, compassion, empathy, spiritual skills and eco-friendliness.

Since the Sublime Vision teaches us that we are not defined by the biological body, students are formed into groups of classes according to their real level of advancement instead of the age of their bodily frame. We call this “skill-just schooling”. Students can anytime repeat or jump classes without administrative hindrances and age stigma.

Students have 50% compulsory curriculum and choose the other 50% according to their personal inclination.

Especially during theme studies, students are encouraged to form small teams of experts to reach higher research and presentation efficiency. Besides the standard curriculum, students also learn to improve the quality of what seems trivial but is actually an art – namely how to walk, talk, sit and interact and support each other socially, how to feel confident in a challenging world, how to honor seniors, how to be compassionate with juniors, etc.

In the present scenario, the world keeps on changing faster than education can adapt to it. We teach children to be flexible and adapt and build up the required resilience and research skills to function in such a fast changing world.

Most importantly, students must be educated about the high chance of climate collapse and the correlated factors of mitigation and adaptation that will decide the most important factors of our future. Not only must they be trained in small-scale climate action but also in how to effect large-scale climate action. They must be encouraged to join good causes and movements for climate action and informed that a long education only makes sense if they have a future to use that education in practical life.