Related Projects

On this site you can find projects related to the Sublime Union projects. We have provided them in the sequence of their present day urgency.


1. Climate Action Enforcement

Climate Action Enforcement is the single most important climate action we must all push for as much as possible. This is because even if all ordinary citizens become “climate angels”, they will still be overshadowed by the biggest contributors to carbon emmissions: The military complex (largest single carbon villain), the heavy industries (headed by the cement industry), the meat industry (producing more green house gasses than all transportation together), corporate giants, non-regenerative agriculture, etc. The big profiteers of these enterprises will not reduce emissions unless forced by government regulations.

This means that the greatest handle and crucial solution to tackle climate collapse is to speed up climate action enforcement on all fronts – public awareness rising, protests, politics, education, strikes, etc.

You may ask why many NGOs have either sidelined or completely ignored this crucial solution. The answer is simple: Big environmental NGOs are often funded by big carbon profiteers and thus their solution catalogue and action prioritization are corrupted. We are thus left with some independent organizations who relentlessly push for immediate climate action.

Here are some of them:

Extinction Rebellion:

Fridays For Future:



2. Personal Climate Actions

Below are some links of catalogues that focus on private life climate actions. They also include large-scale climate action promotion but don’t give it the top priority it deserves. So focus on climate action enforcement through above links and add as much as you can to your mix from below links.