Inner Growth Manifesto

Regenerative societies can thrive with

truly infinite growth inner growth.


Inner growth is the regenerative solution to our external crises

as well as to our quest of infinite growth and inner fulfillment.


Remember the dinosaurs? Big, bigger – extinct. Today’s people are waking up to the fact that infinite growth in a finite world is self-destructive. Nevertheless, the dinosaur of our consumption keeps on growing. Despite life-threatening consequences like climate change, species extinction and vast pollution, it seems next to impossible to stop our devastating course. This is where the Inner Growth Manifesto proposes a novel approach:


Instead of trying to stop the forceful current of infinite growth,

divert it to the inner world where it can thrive with no harm and limit.


Infinite growth is a basic principle of life; everything from plant to animal to human species wants to grow and keep on growing. External growth is a reflection of our actual requirement of inner growth. An adult is a person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle. Millions of gadgets cannot make us truly happy – but a single sublime relationship can. No money can buy us character, empathy, compassion and love, because they are values of the inner realm that require inner growth.

Inner values are most valuable to us because we belong to the inner world and we require inner growth. A diversion from external growth to inner growth is very much agreeable to our inner nature. People only invest all their energy into external growth as long as they have a wrong understanding of who they really are and what they really need.

Most people still believe in the Gross Vision; the paradigm that they are the gross body and that their fulfillment can thus be found in the gross, external world. Evidence from various fields of science shows that the Gross Vision is false. The refined vision is the Sublime Vision; the paradigm that we are sublime beings beyond the gross body and that we therefore require Sublime Life Systems that foster our inner growth.

The Inner Growth Manifesto is based on the sound logic and scientific foundation of the Sublime Vision. Its immediate implementation is crucial to timely accomplishing the much needed green transition, and its full development is the greatest human mission.