Sublime Union India

Sublime Union India started off in rural Vrindavan near Delhi. We are educating people to raise the awareness of climate collapse and need to transition to regenerative life systems.

A major local issue is plastic pollution.

– Pollution of streets, land and rivers with plastic.
– Animals like cows eat plastic mixed with food waste and die a terrible slow death due to congestion of the digestive system with up to over 50 kgs of plastic.

Bans on plastic have brought little change as they are almost never enforced and as production and distribution of plastic bags and cutlery is not prohibited. We thus focus on prevention by educating the locals, especially the children, to not use plastic products and providing green products.

Karunamay bags and products provides natural alternatives to polluting products like plastic bags. It also gives basic income to local ladies to support their families. Besides selling them for charity, Karunamay bags are given to local children for free.

Educating children is both challenging and fun!

We also want to venture into the production of biodegradable plastic produced from corn starch and fungi and collaborate with local organizations that clean Braj and develop recycling systems.


Organic seed bank development


Transition Town Vrindavan


Yamuna river restoration



Collaboration of local NGOs