ACT to Create a Sublime World!

– A world that nourishes Inner Growth first – not last.

– A world that is regenerative (holistic, sustainable & resilient).



1. Macro Solutions

  1. Join Forces with NGOs Pushing for Macro Change
  2. Ecosystem Restoring
  3. Support Green Leaders
  4. Carbon Sequestration
  5. Increase Efficiency
  6. Transition to Renewable Energy
  7. Earth-friendly Investment
  8. Green Laws
  9. Inner Growth Economy, Green Taxes & Incentives

2. Micro Solutions

  1. Offer Sublime Education
  2. Commit to Inner Growth
  3. Eat Vegetarian or Vegan
  4. Reduce Flying, Cruising and Car Travel
  5. Buy Local & Organic
  6. Avoid Buying New Things or Buy Second Hand
  7. Avoid Luxury
  8. Join or Support Earth-friendly Communities
  9. Vote for Eco Action & Boycot Eco Sinners

3. Strong Backbone

  1. Resilience
  2. Collaboration
  3. Prayer for Divine Intervention


Overview of our situation: Ecocide is raging. Various eco-systems are degrading and dying. 200 species are lost daily. It is only a question of time ‘till it is our turn. Many scientists say human extinction is very likely this century if we continue our business as usual approach. We only have a small window of five years to reduce global emmissions to less than half to limit warming to 1.5 degrees, which will still be destructive, but not catastrophic. So far, global emmissions keep rising. So what can we do?

1. Macro Solutions

Sublime people are usually eager to implement micro solutions like recycling and composting. While these are great, they alone are unfortunately unable to revert ecocide even if all people followed them! This is why we must give first priority to push for macro solutions like entire states and countries averting ecocide through sufficient climate action, shifting to an Inner Growth Economy and Sublime Solutions like green cities, eco villages and holistic education. Here’s a list of most effective macro solutions:


  1. Join Forces with NGOs Pushing for Macro Change

Mass mobilization is essential for macro solutions. NGOs like Extinction Rebellion and Fridays for Future focus on macro solutions with smart strategies. We pledge to support them as much as we can.


  1. Ecosystem Restoring

The most efficient solution to avert climate collapse is ecosystem restoring. This includes rewilding of nature, protection and expansion of forests, mangroves, grasslands and top soil. This not only sequesters the most possible amount of carbon but also produces global cooling through cloud seeding by increasing the green cover. Plus it averts species extinction by providing habitat for countless species. You can campaign for such large scale actions in your country, support local projects or support projects across the globe.


  1. Support Green Leaders

A crucial solution is to support or create green leaders in important sectors like politics and education. You can vote for green leaders and/or support parties and personalities with green agendas. Make it clear that you will only vote for a green future, no matter what your political preference is.


  1. Carbon Sequestration

Capturing carbon from the atmosphere for longer periods in soil or other places is called “carbon sequestration.” This is done through ecosystem restoring as mentioned above and also through binding carbon in wood by wood construction, applying bioenergy and bury, biochar amendment, etc. Every government should maximise their share in this effort.


  1. Increase Efficiency

Saving on emmissions can often be done by increasing efficiency of insulation of homes, transport vehicles, industrial infrastructure, etc. Every enterprise should engage specialists for this end, which will also save them money.


  1. Transition to Renewable Energy

The energy sector needs to be encouraged to make the massive shift to renewable energy by promoting green jobs and subsidies, while cutting subsidies for non-renewable energy.


  1. Earth-friendly Investment

Divest all your private investments from unclean enterprises like oil to clean enterprises. Request your government, bank, company and universities to do the same. Monetary support is essential for any enterprise.


  1. Green Laws

Ecocide, or the killing of our Mother Earth, should be made a crime, and everything related to this crime made punishable in proportion to its gravity. Rivers, oceans and other ecosystems must be given personal rights of existence and treated as such.


  1. Inner Growth Economy, Green Taxes & Incentives

Every country should device their plans to transition to an Inner Growth economy that is centered around nourishing Sublime Values like Earth-friendliness, community building, Sublime Vision, compassion, empathy and good character. This will reduce consumerism drastically. Green tax on Earth-unfriendly ventures like meat and diary industry, fast fashion and military can be introduced because most people will only start to act once it hits their pockets. Incentives for green ventures can be given by diverting subsidies from Earth-unfriendly ventures, creating green market places, supporting local production of food etc.


2. Micro Solutions

Only pushing for macro solutions and praying for divine intervention falls short of sincerity if we don’t apply micro solutions in our daily life. Here’s a list of most effective micro solutions.


  1. Offer Sublime Education

The most important sublime solution is to get educated and educate as many as possible in sublime solutions that focus on Inner Growth & Ecolibrium. You can do this in your local communities or online. Sublime education platforms are Sublime Union, Extinction Rebellion, Transition Town Network and others.


  1. Commit to Inner Growth

If we shift our focus from external growth to Inner Growth, we are fulfilled from within and require less external stimulation. This is the biggest blow we can give to consumerism. Also, when people see a bright future of Inner Growth, they will be much more inclined to protect life through Earth-friendly lifestyles. Sign and promote the Sublime Vision Petition. Join communities nourishing Inner Growth like spiritual growth, empathy and compassion. Reconnect to Mother Nature and your inner nature in every way. Embrace the blissful life of a compassion hero.


  1. Eat Vegetarian or Vegan

The third most effective solution is going vegetarian or vegan. The meat and diary industry have some of the largest eco impacts and greenhouse gas footprints. This is a very simple step you can take immediately. If you need a transition time start with two days a week and work yourself up.


  1. Reduce Flying, Cruising and Car Travel

Flying and cruising have a huge eco footprint. An average one-way flight burns through your entire yearly carbon budget of 1.2 tonnes of CO2. Most ship cruises are even more polluting than a flight! Go for a holiday with your local farmer or in nature nearby instead of going far away. Conduct online meetings on zoom etc instead of flying to meetings. Use public transport instead of the car or use car pooling.


  1. Buy Local & Organic

A new spirit requires new sublime food – local and organic. Local because it gives the best biochemicals required for the immune system for the local climate, reduces transport and supports local economy, and organic because it is more Earth-friendly and healthier.


  1. Avoid Buying New Things or Buy Second Hand

Every new thing produced sets off a chain of eco sins like oil production, mining, shipping and disposal pollution. If we are internally happy we don’t always need the latest gadget to give us fleeting pleasure. We take pride in using old or second hand products because they are tokens of our Earth heroism.


  1. Avoid Luxury

Luxurious goods like hotels, casinos, cars, food, gadgets, etc. create a gigantic eco footprint that is ten to hundred times bigger than common goods because of extensive involvement of industry, space, energy, people and other resources. It also pollutes our minds with fake happiness leading away from true and lasting sublime happiness with spirituality, sublime values, family and local communities .


  1. Join or Support Earth-friendly Communities

Earth-friendly communities are crucial for mutual support, education and developing resilience.


  1. Vote for Eco Action & Boycot Eco Sinners

Vote for eco action including new Earth-friendly laws like making ecocide a crime. We also vote with each product we buy. Get informed about which products involve eco sin and boycot them.

3. Strong Backbone

  1. Resilience

The foremost requirement is resilience or the capacity to regenerate in turbulent times. Our time of ecocide is extremely turbulent and challenging. Sublime people who engage in sublime solutions often face burnout because we’re up against gigantic opposing forces. To build strong resilience, we need regular like-minded association with sublime people who reinforce our determination and a powerful vision. The Sublime Vision self-concept asserts us that even in the worst case of human extinction, we have not lost anything, because our sublime efforts will be awarded in our next form of existence. Thus although it often looks like a lost battle, we can only win.


  1. Collaboration

Often, what we intend to do is already catered to by other sublime people and groups. It’s easier to join them or collaborate with them. Varioous groups can also create momentum for each other.


  1. Prayer for Divine Intervention

The multiple requirements to avert ecocide in the little time we have seem utopian, especially because all players need to join hands. On top of that, there are multiple self-reinforcing cycles adding to climate heating that are close to the tipping point like permafrost thawing. Some people have thus already given up. But those who have faith know, that nothing is impossible for the Divine. If the 85 percent people of faith of this Earth unite in prayer and try their best to be Earth-friendly to prove their sincerity, the Divine has every reason to intervene and help us cleaning up the mess we made. This faith is the most potent solution and resilience builder we have.