I Am Your Mother (Mother Earth Song)

By Ramin Mathias Talib

Dear sublime children of Mother Earth

This song came to me when I was praying to God to help me how to inspire others to realize that Mother Earth is not just a living person – she is our loving Mother Earth. It’s a song of empathy with her as she is singing to us – her beloved children, with so much love and compassion.

A talented female artist is ready to perform it and we are now open for collaboration and funding to make this wonderful project happen. One VR company in Hollywood is interested in making this into a full VR production in which you can walk next to Mother Earth as she takes you to various settings and sings her song to you. But we can also start with a standard video clip (see script in below pdf). The above demo is just to give an idea of the melody, it’s far away from perfect. You have to imagine it being performed by a talented female vocalist and a complete band. I have performed this song with enthusiastic response in a recent event in Delhi in the Select Citywalk Mall and was invited to also perform it at the Rishikesh International Film Festival.

In the below pdf file you can also see the script draft for the video clip.

I am Your Mother lyrics and script

Share if you care. Love Mother Earth!

Yours cordially


If you are interested please mail me at raminmathias(AT)gmail.com

I Am Your Mother (Mother Earth Song)


(C) I am the earth underneath (G)

I am the air that you (C) breathe

I am the water that’s (Esus) refreshing you

I am the breeze that’s (Am) caressing you

But more than earth and (F-C) water

My (Gsus) child

I am your (C-G-C) mother


You were born on my lap

On me you took your first step

There was no day I didn’t care for you

There was no time I didn’t think of you

My child how could you forget

I am your mother


My child please listen to my plea

You hurt yourself when you hurt me

Behind the nature that you see

There is a face – and it’s me

Tears fall one after another

Cos I am your mother


You can’t see me but I see you

I’m watching everything you do

I pray for you night and day

But you keep running away

Still I love you like no other

Cos I am your mother


Your father made me full of grace

I’m His nature I’m His worship place

I’m your temple, church, I am your mosque

Protecting me’s your holy task

Don’t you know I’m sacred like your Father

‘Cos He made me your mother


(C) My child when will you (G) return

Into my arms into my (C) fold

I will hold you and (E) caress you

And never let you (G) go

1st verse

My (F) darling (G) child

I am your (G) mother (C)

I am your (F) mother (G)

I am your (G) mother (C) (4x)