Recycling taking off for the first time in ISKCON Vrindavan, one of the largest local communities


We have started recycling in different important local institutions like ISKCON and JIVA institute.

We educate people about the necessity of reducing waste and pollution and take first steps with waste separation and recycling of plastic and organic material.

We also encourage other small communities to collect plastic and we collect it at central places from where it can be recycled.

Ultimately we also strive to replace plastic altogether with natural materials, but ’till then recycling is the best solution.

We are looking for more team members to support this service. If you want to join our efforts please contact Radhamadhav Das on +91 8979854479.

Prem in action! He is heading our recycling project.

Balaram, the manager of Govinda restaurant, and Ramin, Sublime Union founder, applying recycling awareness stickers